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Boost productivity with MaxContact’s outbound call centre auto dialler 

The unique algorithm of MaxContact’s outbound dialler will drive your business performance, helping you to smash your KPIs and deliver a greater return on investment. Using an autodialler will allow you to remove answer machines, no answers and disconnected numbers from lists, allowing your agents to do what they do best – converting more leads for your business. 

Easily switch between dialling modes – preview, progressive and predictive dialler – or use a mix of dialling modes depending on your call centres strategy.


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  • Increase in talk Time 67% 67%
  • Increase in DMCs 52% 52%
  • Increase in Sales 43% 43%

Benefits of the predictive dialler 

MaxContact’s own predictive dialling algorithm dials multiple simultaneous lines to maximise productivity, passing the agent the next call the moment they are ready. Combined with a ‘Dropless’ algorithm, this will allow you to run blended campaigns while also keeping the drop rate as close to 0% as possible. 

Features you will love

Progressive dialler

Boost agent productivity with automatic dialling at a 1:1 ratio. Unanswered calls won’t be passed to the agents, which will allow them to focus on having a great conversation when an answered call is presented.  

Preview dialler

Present agents with key lead information before the system places a call, or the agent clicks to dial, allowing them to know the key facts and be prepared for the call with the contacted lead. 

Post-call actions

Allow agents to pass a call on to an IVR at the touch of a button, play a recorded terms and conditions message or leave automated answer machine messages  freeing the agent to focus on the next call. 

Answer machine detection

With answer machine detection that is more than 90% successful, MaxContact frees up your agents to focus on the calls that count while remaining compliant.  


Data configuration

MaxContact gives you the ability to prioritise your data the way you want. Set different list balances and specify certain geographic areas, age ranges, genders or targeting based on last sale amount … with MaxContact you can focus on the data that gives you a higher return of investment.  


Auto change – predictive to progressive

MaxContact’s Predictive to Progressive features allows you to set the threshold in which the dialler will automatically switch modes when a set amount of staff are logged on, helping to avoid a spike in dropped calls. Likewise, when the numbers increase above the threshold, the dialler will automatically switch back to predictive dialling 

Infinite DNC lists

Create unlimited Do Not Call Lists which are customisable and 100% protected.

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